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Activities in Japan


We love to put our time and skills to good use in ways that can touch the lives of children living in group homes. We provide English lessons and fun activities for them so they can acquire additional knowledge and skills in English,get a chance to interact with foreigners and be exposed to other cultures.
Being told, the children look forward to our visits truly warms our hearts.
Once a month we teach English, sing action songs, play games and make arts and crafts with the children. We sometimes lose track of time because when we visit the Homes we also play sports like dodgeball and basketball with them. We realized that besides our knowledge we are also in a position to offer them our love and attention. Spending time with them is very precious.

Volunteer Teaching English

As of September 2016, we are connected to 9 children's homes in Kanagawa ken and Tokyo areas where our volunteer teachers go to teach English, have fun activities, games as well as hold special events to over 50 children.

This number will increase as we try to connect to other Homes so we could give our support, share our knowledge and love to the children.

Volunteer Teaching English_1 Volunteer Teaching English_2

The children are taught, in the first lesson, how to introduce themselves in English.They learn how to greet and say their name and age.The teachers plan a lesson before the class to decide the target language like weather, months, dates, days,seasons, colors, shapes, food, clothes ,feelings ,jobs and other topics which are relevant and suitable to their English levels and ages.We show the children colorful flashcards in introducing the target language or lesson for the day, ask them to repeat the words several times, and follow the correct pronunciation.In order for the students to memorize the words, phrases, questions and sentences, we play games like Karuta, charades, memory games etc…We give instructions on how to play the games by using simple words accompanied with hand gestures and body language.We make sure that students can relate to the lesson. Before the class ends, we review the lesson to make sure the children understand and remember everything they've learned that day.Action songs are usually sang at the start and end of the class.

Special Events for the children

Summer Camp
JOYFUL StaffGroup photoCamp Fire

Our 3rd year of Summer Camp for the children of Minami Jidou Home was a blast. The weather cooperated and we were grateful to let the chidren experienced night hiking, star gazing, fishing and water play in the day time. In addition, we had water balloon and water gun games and egg relay as well as bingo games with prizes. We also let them try eating Filipino's popular dish called chicken pork adobo with egg,sumptuous meals like Somen noodles flowing in the bamboo pipe. A night of unlimited meat bbq, then the chidren and staff surprised us by showing their talents in dancing and singing at the camp fire. We fed their sweet tooth with marshmallows an s'mores. The campfire ended with smiles on their faces and happy tummies while looking and enjoying the fireworks and sparklers.

We would like to express our gratitude to those who shared their blessings to us in a form of monetary value, services and moral support to make the activities possible. May this experiences uplift and give a positive impact to the lives of these children. May all your generosity come back to you in million folds in terms of good heath, happiness, spirituality and abundance!so be it and so it is!!!

Party celebrations for the children to enjoy
Special Events for the children

As part of teaching the kids about cultural differences, we hold special events like Christmas and Halloween parties. We make each year unique and more exciting for them. They had a chance to attend Halloween Parties at ALIS Eikaiwa, wearing different costumes with Trick or Treat bags, joining in games and eating snacks with ALIS' students.

Generally during Christmas, we hold celebrations in each of the Homes. We tell them the story of Christmas, teach them Christmas vocabulary, make Christmas cards and play games together.
During these parties, they are also given snacks, candy and presents, which they are always excited about. A special Christmas gift giving event came about 2 years ago in collaboration with the charity organization of sumo wrestler Mr. Konishiki. The children were in awe when they saw him dressed as Santa and carrying lots of presents.

Magic Show

We organized a summer festival at Kodomo no Ie Children's Home on September 14, 2014. It was a fun-filled program featuring an English recital where the kids sang action songs and presented the food they like in English. Furthermore, a kind-hearted Japanese board member of JOYFUL, named Eiji Fukushima together with his 3 friends performed magic tricks for the children and staff. The audience was overwhelmed by the Magic show as it was the first time such a show was held at the home.

Magic show

The same Magic show was also performed at Bott Memorial Home in Machida during a garden party held in November. The members of the audience, especially the children, were delighted. Their faces lit up with excitement as they watched the magician shift from one trick to the next.

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Activities in the Philippines

Feeding Program

Feeding Program during Christmas 2013, Brgy. Libertad, General Luna, Siargao Island, Philippines
We gave out 250 lunch boxes to people of all ages. We also had a singing and dancing contest at the end of which we handed out prizes.People were elated, apparently this was the first Christmas party anyone had organized.It was a heart- warming experience not only for the villagers but also for the organizers.

Activities in the philippineActivities in the philippine
New Park

The first project of JOYFUL was rebuilding a new park for a small village, Brgy. Libertad, General Luna, Siargao Island in Mindanao in July, 2013. The old park was dilapidated, the slides and swings broken. Yet the children of the village continued to play there. With the newly built slides, swings and seesaws the park has become their place of fun, relaxation and comfort after school as well as during the weekends.

New Park

Our second big project was replacing the small village's gazebo. The old one, where children and elderly villagers used to hang out, was small and with a shabby roof. We managed to cover the cost for a new one through donations from Joyful, my family and an anonymous donor. On the inaugural day we had cupcakes, drinks, snacks and candy for everyone. The entire village welcomed us with open arms, with kids waving flags and a band playing music. The smiles one their faces were absolutely heartwarming.

Ongoing project - Share and Save to build a Children's Library

Libertad is the 8th remotest Barangay (village) in General Luna, Siargao, and the public school doesn't have a library. A member of the Minglana family donated a computer desktop and printer for the students and teachers to use. However, there's nowhere to put them in, so for the time being, they and a stack of books, are in the Teachers' room. Because of this, the Founder of JOYFUL wanted to share the benefit of reading to the children in Libertad and so decided to build a library for them. This library will give the children information about the big wide world. Hopefully, it will make a change in their lives forever, and encourage them to dream and strive for a better life.

The aim of our project now is to Share and Save to build a Library in the Elementary school. The budget is 2.5 M Yen to build the library including the books, materials, computers and furniture. It is quite a dream, but we believe that if we work hard enough, we can make it happen. We have started to save from previous fund raising events like the gospel concert and the English seminar for teachers. Hopefully, we will be able to gather donations as well from generous individuals and companies to support this charitable cause.

Library project1 Library project2

New Project – Assist a Student

We are promoting a new program which is to “Assist a Student”. This is an Education Sponsorship Program aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty. One can assist underprivileged learners offering hope, education and a better future. Those willing to sponsor may choose a student to support. The beneficiary and the family of the educational grant is thoroughly screened and must be ….to the requirements and restrictions of the program.

Elementary student ----- 10,000 yen/ year
High school ----- 20,000 yen/ year
University ----- 30,000 yen/ semester

English Teaching Forum and Workshop

This seminar had two aims; one was to raise money for the “Share and Save to build the Library” project and the other to help aspiring teachers in Japan to acquire techniques on how to become Assistant Language Teachers (ALT). Those who attended were offered the chance to volunteer as teachers in the Homes, where they can practice what they learned in the workshop.

English Teaching Forum and WorkshopEnglish Teaching Forum and Workshop

Charity Concerts

To raise funds for our projects, we organized a Dance Charity Concert – Christmas Shindig for a Cause -- in December 1st, 2013 at Morino Hall, Hashimoto Sagamihara City. A wonderful array of delicious food prepared by the volunteers and lots of drinks were available for the guests while dancing to the rhythm of the live band- Loose Ends Band, special performances and entertaining music of Ashton Moore, Raya Bird, Mark Inoue and Rhea Sakuta.

A 2nd Fund raising project was held in December 14, 2014- Gospel Charity Concert - at Machida Learning Center, 109 Building. Bott Mermorial Home Children's Choir sang gospel songs while Mark Inoue and Aretha entertained the audience with Christmas Carols. Many warm hearted people came to watch and extend their support to our advocacy.

Charity Concerts Charity Concerts

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