We provide help and support to the underprivileged children



How to Donate?

Be a donor

We support those who lack the resources in education along with building infrastructure to reduce poverty and develop the remote villages in the Philippines.

We greatly appreciate any and all donations in cash, bank transfer or any other form. JOYFUL keeps growing many thanks to the kindness and generosity of ordinary people. Apart from your participation in our activities, we accept and greatly appreciate your financial support but also donations in kind.

Your unwavering support will provide underprivileged children with learning opportunities for a better future ahead of them. JOY travels in many ways so why don't you share NOW....

Purpose of donation

Payment method

We accept various payment methods. You can use a credit card, postal transfer or bank transfer.



Our organization collects secondhand clothes, toys and other useful items for the following purposes:

  • To sell the donated items at the Children's Homes Bazaar and proceeds are donated to the Home.
  • To send the donated items to the small villages in the Philippines most affected by poverty.
  • To sell the items at a JOYFUL's fundraising bazaar.

Kind send the articles in this address

Divina Liza Sato- Director
Rm. 202, 1-1-18 Kiso nishi,
Machida shi, Tokyo 194-0037
Tel : 042-792-6101

Goods Donation Image Goods Donation Image
Goods Donation Image Goods Donation Image
Thousand Smile Children's staircase staircaseThousand Smile Children's staircase staircaseThousand Smile Children's staircase staircase

Re-built the stairs & door to the 2nd floor of ' A Thousand Smiles
Orphanage' in Gen. Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

By credit card

◆ Monthly Donation【1,000yen
/ 3,000yen
/ 5,000yen
/ 10,000yen】

You may choose the amount corresponding to the purpose you would like to support.

◆ Yearly Donation【10,000yen
/ 20,000yen
/ 50,000yen】

This donation is to support the Assist a Student Scholarship Education Program.

◆ Donate each time

You can save your credit card details and make donating less time consuming.

credit list

From 1,000 Yen a month by credit card.

Monthly Donation
credit list

An Education Scholarship Program to assist deserving students with their studies.

Assist a Student scholarship Program
One time
Donation method each time

From 3,000 Yen by credit card, bank transfer or postal transfer.

Donate Anytime
Goods Donation Image

Unnecessary Goods, old clothes, used toys and so on.

Goods Donation


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