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How to get involved?

There are various ways to get involved either as a member and volunteer at the same time or for those who has a busy lifestyle which hinders you to volunteer then you can just be a member. Your support gives underprivileged children immeasurable capabilities and the happiness of knowing that you have something to do with the betterment of the children and the community they belong is truly uplifting.

Be a member

It is a method to support activities of JOYFUL as a member. Members may participate in different activities and projects as well as in planning to raise funds for our projects. Members can join activities in both Japan and the Philippines. You may pay the annual fee by postal transfers, bank transfers or credit cards. ※VISA、MASTER CARD、JCB CARD credit list

Membership Fee:

Full Member/Adult
Full Member/Child up to 18 yrs old
Supporting Member/Individual
Full Member/Group
Supporting Member/Group
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Be a volunteer

You may participate actively and support activities of JOYFUL by volunteering. To be a volunteer, membership is required.

Volunteer to be JOYFUL… but how?

There are many ways to volunteer:

  • By being a teacher at Children's Homes – teach English or any subject with which the children need help.
  • By being a sports instructor or play mate to the children.
  • By doing administrative work for our organization.
  • By helping in our fundraising activities and projects.

What do I have to do first?

  • Call or send an email to Joyful and briefly tell us what your intentions are.
  • Sign-up to become a member.
  • Meet with the Administrator to ensure JOYFUL can find a Home close to your area.
  • Attend an orientation.
  • Observe ongoing classes and or activities at one of the Homes.
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Preparation is the key to an effective and fun lesson, so be READY…

Once you have made all the necessary arrangements with the home and other volunteers, perhaps it is time to consider the following:

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  • If you don't have any experience teaching children you may be a little nervous, wondering how you are going to handle your first class. If that's the case, think of some ways to break the ice (for example funny glasses or a colorful wig will always get the kids laughing).
  • Plan in advance: what props and teaching materials do you need for the lesson you have in mind?
  • Working in smaller groups sometimes help start everyone talking. Different volunteers can visit different tables and ask the children different questions. This way everyone will be acquainted by the end of the lesson.
  • End the lesson on a positive note: do a fun activity or play a game kids that age enjoy. Simon says, especially when combined with the right actions is always a good way to go.

Our Standard lesson plan:

  • The children are taught, in the first lesson, how to introduce themselves in English. They learn how to greet and say their name and age. The teachers plan a lesson before the class to decide the day's subject like weather, months, dates, days, seasons, colors, shapes, food, clothes, feelings ,jobs and other topics which are relevant and suitable to their English levels and ages.
  • We show the children colorful flashcards in introducing the target vocabulary or lesson for the day, ask them to repeat the words several times, and follow the correct pronunciation. In order for the students to memorize the words, phrases, questions and sentences, we play games like Karuta, charades, memory games etc…
  • We give instructions on how to play the games by using simple words accompanied with hand gestures and body language. We make sure that students can relate to the lesson. Before the class ends, we review the lesson to make sure the children understand and remember everything they've learned that day. Action songs are usually sang at the start and end of the class.

Teaching English is not the only thing you can offer or the only thing the Homes need help with. If you are also interested in doing other activities with the children, like coaching them, helping them with homework or organizing a field trip, let the administrators know and see if it is something they are open to. Always keep in mind your idea may not go over well for reasons that have nothing to do with you. Each Home has its own ways of dealing with volunteers and has to think of the children's safety above all else.

Always communicate with the home ahead of a visit to make sure a staff member can be there to oversee your class and assist you with any issues that may arise.Joyful is not res--ponsible for the actions of individual volunteers and groups of volunteers.

It's our responsibility to protect the Children:
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The safety of the children should always come first. Never invite people you don't know well to come along and never invite guests without permission from Joyful in coordination with the Home.

Children in care come from different backgrounds and are dealing with different issues. It is safe to assume that any kid living in a Children's Home has had a tough life so far so it may take some time for them to open up or they may show indiscriminate and extreme affection. Be patient, don't take rejection personally and always consult the staff if you happen to have any questions or concerns.

If the kids seem bored, have an alternative activity ready. It is your responsibility to make the lesson fun for them! It is important to give children in care choices and control: Keep all activities voluntary. They may need some time to feel comfortable with you or they may be embarrassed to admit they don't understand the rules of the activity. Once you develop rapport with them, you can ask them what they want to do next time and build your next lesson plan based on their answers.

Be patient. By getting so far you have already taken the first step but this is a long journey. Give it some time and the results will fill your heart with joy.

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