• Parent is a harsh W work in order to get the cost of living
  • It becomes less time children spend with the parent
  • Parents no longer afford to tell the time and affection to be applied to the education
  • I can not get meals nutritious
  • It can not be a holiday and leisure and events
  • Not go to lessons or cram school
  • Not go to the hospital
    Dental caries , 9 -year-old mother-to-child household in ten baby teeth only roots , can not visit
Social Isolation
  • Day-to-day to be chased by the balance of child-rearing and housework
  • Parents themselves can not skills and lessons
  • Is the name of the mutual support due to dilution and divorce and nuclear families of community relations
  • Because it can not participate in the visiting day and school events , it can not be ties with the school and other parents
Social Isolation